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Our mission is to help regular Marylanders get a “fresh start” from their debt problems. We do this by charging them a fee they can afford while handling their case properly We treat all of our clients with respect so we are grateful when they return that respect and are appreciative of our low fees. If you believe you can work with us in this way to SAVE YOU MONEY, we will help find the best bankruptcy solution for your individual debt problems.

Mr. Holmquist and Mrs. Dickerson have worked for the largest and busiest bankruptcy firms in the state of Maryland. Their combined 33 years as licensed Maryland Attorneys along with their experience in thousands of Maryland Bankruptcy cases allow them to fully represent you in your case.

At Holmquist & Dickerson, LLC, they use their knowledge of the United States Bankruptcy code and their experience to help people all throughout Maryland obtain their fresh start and relief from the pressures of having too much debt. They will sort through your financial situation and determine whether Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 will help you achieve your goals.

Thursday, November 10, 2016

Orion Code is Surely Scam - FREE access to the software that helped me attain Financial Independence.

If you're considering signing up with Orion Code, please read the following Orion Code review.

Orion Code is a scam which hardly deserves a second look. Why do we say that? It's such an obvious scam, that it's an insult to one's intelligence. One hardly knows where to start pointing out the numerous spots where its true nature shines through.

Nothing is Original About Orion Code Nothing. The video script belongs to another, now defunct scam. It's acted out with different actors this time, but otherwise, without a single change. The scam which has had its run on this same script was Quantum Code. Furthermore, the actor who plays the inventor and owner of Orion Code has been spotted in other similar scam videos before. The Amissio Formula was the stage of one of his previous performances, but this person is well known for other reasons too.

What Makes the Orion Code Tick? The short answer to that question would be "Near Orion Speed" technology. The long answer would be: we have no idea. Edward Robinson, the head honcho, and his merry crew of "programmers", aren't too keen on sharing many details in this respect. Yes, there's some sort of faster-than-light technology involved, and yes, it can beat Wall Street at its own game. After all, what more would one want to know?

Who is this Edward Robinson Character? This is where the story gets interesting. While most actors hired to push such dubious deals, aim to keep a low profile, Robinson here is quite the celebrity. He's a decent actor too, unlike some of the people hired by other scammers for the same purposes. It turns out that while Forbes know nothing about Edward Robinson (contrary to his claims) IMDB does know a certain Jeff Gorham, who played in a quite a number of B-movies. Who knew that the inventor of the world's best get-rich-quick scheme was also a legitimate actor? Seriously though: Gorham's filmography includes movies like Pogtown and Without Warning: Terror in the Towers. Does Gorham know even the first thing about trading? It's not likely. His performance in the 39-minute long Orion Code video however does stand a head and a shoulder above that of the other "actors".

The Orion Code Trading Platform In the promotional video, Robinson makes sure we get to take a peek at the sleek Orion Code interface, which actually looks good. It's all like a shiny new coat of paint on a rusty clunker though. Under the hood, it's got nothing but a broken engine which burns through its victims' money with surprising zeal and efficiency.

Exposing the Orion Code Scam Everything about Orion Code screams "scam", and the website which plays host to the above mentioned promotional video, is no exception. They actually have a countdown timer there, which starts at 35 minutes and resets once it reaches 34. It is supposed to show for how long the offer is still valid...if one looks at it like that is in fact quite accurate. Robinson's golden ticket to fabulous riches never expires.

The community vibe around the operation is downright toxic. The message boards and comment sections are filled with often vitriolic appraisals of the "value" of the service. Specifics are provided as well. It seems that the broker associated with Orion Code won't honor withdrawals...Needless to say, the system itself can't produce 100% ITM rates either.

In fact, that claim regarding that success rate is another major red light with "scam" written all over it. He who knows his trading, knows that such ITM rates are impossible, for a huge number of reasons.

Conclusion Orion Code is a bad scam, Stay away from it!

Saturday, October 29, 2016

Excellent Mervis Diamond Style

This is a fun radio commercial from Mervis Diamond from Washington, DC. Ronnie Mervis is infamous for his radio commercials and this is one of the collection. He tells about his adventures down the mines. You can hear the dynamite go off in the background and it definitely doesn't sound like your regular jewelry commercial. Mervis Diamond has its founding near the diamond mines of South Africa. Our family have been involved with diamonds for nearly 100 years. We know a thing or two by now and we're happy to help you. Mervis diamonds are selected for their brilliance and sparkle. The 4 C's are helpful to identify diamonds but they aren't enough to distinguish the best of the best. For engagement rings, wedding rings, or diamond jewelry of other forms, we're here for you.

Saturday, May 30, 2015

Sentosa Island Tours Singapore

Sentosa Island in Singapore is really a famous tourist destination in Singapore that investigated by around 5 million tourist every year. Around 1974 the Cable Vehicle system was built-in Singapore, hooking up Sentosa Island to Mount Faber. A variety of tourist points of interest were consequently opened up for vacationers including Fort Siloso, Surrender Chamber wax museum, Musical Fountain, and also the Underwater World. The land bridge was opened up in 1992 connecting Sentosa towards the landmass.

Underwater World and Dolphin Lagoon:

The Sentosa Island Underwater World is found on the western a part of Sentosa Island. This living museum nowadays exhibits greater than 2,500 oceanic along with other fresh-water species from various regions around the globe. Throughout your trip to Sentosa Island in Singapore you are able to dive with Sharks even when you aren't an experienced scuba diver. If you're a skilled scuba diver you'll be able to also Dive using the Dugong in your Sentosa Island tours. The Underwater Realm of Sentosa Island also includes a Dolphin Lagoon which hosts some Indo-Off-shore humpback whales, also called the pink whales. Numerous programs are held on regular basis that permit the site visitors to enter the waist-deep pool and communicate with the whales at close closeness.

Tiger Sky Tower:

The Tiger Sky Tower (formerly referred to as Carlsberg Sky Tower) is really a free-standing watching tower on Sentosa that provides the vacationers throughout Sentosa Island Tours a breathtaking look at Sentosa Island, Singapore. When the sky's obvious the other can easily see the vista of areas of Malaysia and Indonesia. Site visitors enter an enormous disc-formed air-conditioned cabin in the walk out fitted with glass home windows over-all. The cabin then revolves progressively because it ascends the column from the tower. The cabin includes a capacity of 72 site visitors previously.

Tunes from the Ocean:

Following a lengthy twenty five years, The Musical Fountain show in Sentosa Island was changed through the Tunes from the Ocean reveal that mentioned on 26 March 2007. It's the only permanent marine show around the globe occur the sea "" showing magnificent pyrotechnics shows. It's got a wide open-air viewing gallery that has the ability to accommodate 2,500 site visitors very easily. This 25 minutes show runs two times a evening at 7.40pm and eight.40pm.

Fort Siloso:

In the western world from the Sentosa Island situated Fort Siloso which defended the western methods to Singapore throughout The Second World War. It had been built through the British in 1880s to safeguard the narrow western use of Keppel Harbour. It's possible to begin to see the ammunition bunkers, barracks, tunnels, and gun emplacements from the fort throughout his/her trip to Fort Siloso like a military-designed attraction.

Palawan Beach:

Palawan Beach is situated within the center from the southern coast of Sentosa Island. You will find numerous bars and beach restaurants available across the beach that provides quality food and beverage towards the vacationers.

Siloso Beach:

Siloso Beach is known like a place to go for beach volleyball along with other outside seaside activities. Good quality shopping shops can also be found across the Siloso beach.

Tanjong Beach:

Tanjong Beach is really a comparatively more isolated area of the southern coast from the Island. It's an ideal beach place to go for the vacationers who wish to explore its tranquility and privacy. It might be very romantic particularly by evening.

Friday, May 29, 2015

Travel to Koh Lanta Krabi, Thailand - The Paradise of Divers

Krabi is a the famous southern metropolitan areas of Thailand. There's a higher quantity of vacationers come and visit Krabi each year. Krabi beaches and delightful Islands in the Andaman ocean side has attracted site visitors come and spend their holidays or honeymoon outings for age range. A few of the vacationers return to Krabi city again and again since they're impressed within the natural atmosphere and beautiful conditions like obvious water beautiful and whitened-sand beaches in addition to friendly residents.

Have you been to Krabi? You need to visit Krabi and Islands at least one time you'll fall deeply in love with the charming city, gorgeous beaches and fantastic Islands absolutely.

Koh Lanta - beautiful Islands Lanta Island Group has three large Islands, Lanta Yai , Lanta Noi and Ko Ngai. However, Lanta Yai is easily the most popular Island among vacationers. You will find plenty of activities to complete for example swimming, scuba diving, diving, and fishing.

Throughout your remain in Koh Lanta, you'll be amazed with the good thing about the underwater world that you could see, touch and revel in doing ocean sports in the Andaman Islands. If you're the actual diver, you'll love Koh Lanta surely. Individuals have known Koh Lanta because the paradise for divers. You can study diving right from the start and it has an incredible experience from your own. You will find many diving schools offer diving courses at Ao Nang, Krabi Thailand. You are able to compare the costs and have a course while you prefer.

You might remain in Ao Nang and book a excursion to those following Islands, if you want to browse around these Andaman Islands. Just in case, you wish to take more time in Koh Lanta, you will find a number of Koh Lanta lodging like bungalows to luxurious Krabi beach resorts and hotels on Koh Lanta beach.

Suggested Hotel - Luxury Koh Lanta Accommodation

I would suggest Chada beach resort and health spa. This comfortable Koh Lanta beach resort is situated on Lanta beach in Krabi, Thailand.

This beach resort is appropriate to see relatives vacation, tour group, in addition to a honeymoon trip. You could have your private pool rental property by selecting Gemstone Rental property and relax with lots of facilities by the pool resort for example massage and health spa, health club, restaurant and bar, internet corner and much more. The shore hotel and resort offer Emerald suites and Grand suites for site visitors with Thai style decoration. All rooms are outfitted rich in-quality amenities.

Your accommodation resort also provides excursion packages and wedding packages for you personally. Airport terminal transfer can be obtained. However, you should check the deals, and finest offers before make a booking.

Remain in Koh Lanta Accommodation

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Thailand Travel - Tachileik Mai Sai Markets Burma

Inside the infamous Golden Triangular that boarders Thailand, Laos and Burma is Mai Sai, its northern border most district of Chiang Rai. Here vacationers will discover a bridge that divides two mobile phone industry's, the first is the increasing Thailand and yet another may be the country hidden under an opium laced shadow, Burma. Burma, whos government re-named to Myanmar, is among the mobile phone industry's most secluded nations, a mysterious and untouched place to go for western vacationers, a rustic untouched through the momentum of development.

We stumble across a makeshift carpark and provide the attendant 10 Baht for proper care of our hire vehicle, came from here its merely a short walk towards the Mai Sai border crossing. Being from Australia weve never walked into another country and the thought of entering Burma made some hour drive from Chiang Mai even more useful. In the boarder we're brought right into a small , abnormally hot room in which a guy outfitted inside a military uniform sits behind his desk and asks in our intentions for going to his country. His British is obscure and before we are able to answer he informs us we're only going to during the day to look in the boarder marketplaces. 500Baht is paid and also to our surprise sexual are maintained and can allegedly be came back whenever we make an effort to return into the Kingdom of Thailand. The warmth already souring its even more sweaty knowing we're entering Burma without sexual.

The marketplaces are full of stalls and goods overflowing onto narrow pathways made narrower through the males and boys pushing into us with baskets of pills for enhancement and Dvd disks of questionable content offered at cheap cheap prices. Recalling advice I caused by a drunken expat the evening before inside a bar, I move my wallet in to the front pocket of my jeans, this isn't only a precaution, it's important. Once the senses begin to settle down again you will find many deals found for those who have a great eye and time for you to dig through the junk. Things are cheap here, less expensive than the most popular evening marketplaces of Chiang Mai that now provide market goods at tourist prices. There's a duplicate, an imitation, a genuine copy or perhaps a look alike for virtually any product you are able to think about. Timepieces look great before you understand they're two times as thick as the real thing this really is pardoned whenever you understand the designer watch offered by Tachileik is only going to cost you a few cappuccino's inside your hometown. I show curiosity about a table of designer pens and all of a sudden a youthful girl is handing me one and asking me to check the standard, remarkably it creates perfectly and equally surprising may be the women British in comparison to her Thai siblings. Then another girl hands me another pen that also looks the part and it is remarkably functional. This ongoing until there have been six women while dining and that i had attempted 6 pens, after a little intense settlement we decided 2 pens at 300Baht, roughly 8 $ $ $ $.

Two hrs of walking, settling and dodging the periodic motor-bikes speeding with the narrow market lanes, a few sneaky market photos so we decide weve had enough adventure during the day and can go back to Thailand. Coming back to Thailand is reducing as sexual are came back and placed having a minimum of fuss and also the harassment from youthful boys eager for loose change is left out us.

While not the actual Burma it had been a fascinating and different experience that led to some fascinating reminiscences, a few covert pictures along with a Myanmar Walk stamp within the passport. Going to Burma would be a choice we made gently and upon being familiar with the military controlled country it is apparent the selection ought to be given more thought and consideration. More in your area to Mai Sai may be the depressing atmosphere of illegal border crossings, drugs and human trafficking, all world problems that are too easily forgotten when on vacation.

The drive to Chiang Mai lower the mountain takes us into Chiang Rai along with a visit the famous Whitened Temple (Wat Rong Khun). Whitened Temple is really a modern temple designed and built by artist Chalomchai Khositphiphat around ten years ago. The intricate particulars since the large temple are an amazing vision and also the entirely whitened design with silver edges sparkling on dragons along with other mythical animals produces a surreal atmosphere. The website also offers a hall that exhibits works of art of Chalomchai Khositphiphat.

A couple of dodged cows along with a little anxiety awaiting the very first gas station in Chiang Mai so we arrive securely at night, prepared to tell the storyline in our visit to Tachileik on the couple of Chaings.

Gili Island- The Gateway To An Exotic Vacation

You simply can't go incorrect with seaside villas solely should you choose where you are within the Gili islands in Lombok Indonesia. Vacationers who've been towards the Gili islands could be recommending remaining within the seaside bungalows round the Gili islands to have an amazingly loving holiday, this can be a strongly recommended for individuals who've a powerful penchant for that unexploited natural splendor. This is among the locations worldwide that has the very best exotic seaside along with a heated exotic climate.

The Gili islands have three islands located in close closeness and also the greatest and the first one to start for vacation may be the hotel Gili Trawangan isle, also called celebration isle. This is actually the places which lure visitors first. You will get personal villas having a obvious look at a seaside, probably the most apparent resource of the loving holiday.

To people who choose to come across the very best of marine surroundings because round the Gili Trawangan isle is the greatest site for snorkelling even though the other islands also provide the same amazing elegance. Due to the dimension which isn't so large, you are able to cover the isle by walking or by riding a bike. Why don't you automobiles? Remember this area is renowned for its natural splendor? Hence automobiles aren't permitted during these islands. Have that relaxed holiday you have within the continuous seaside as well as the number of marine lifestyle surroundings.

Get comfortable from your sleeping sack while sensation the heated exotic ocean wind hits you, give consideration towards the murmur from the ocean, this is actually the best spot to escape your monotonous existence. Any of the Gili isle will give you the awesome and amazing exotic surface but the one which could keep you surprised may be the hidden seaside and also the wonderful landscapes. If you wish to possess a amazing loving holiday encompass by spectacular perspective then get comfortable through the Gili bungalows which situated in front side from the seaside.

Though you will find quantity of villas in Gili but when you can aquire a best one of these then you're moving toward have that excellent loving holiday you have. You will find around 15 personal bungalows in Gili isle and all of them will give you the very best location recognize amazing perspective, wonderful creating as well as the best outlook during a seaside or even the nearby bay. Require sometime to appear and choose your individual villas in Gili and also you can't go incorrect. This is the very best loving holidays you have.