Saturday, May 2, 2015

I Have Visited Agra Through Yamuna Expressway

It had been an incredible experience they are driving up to Agra from Delhi by utilizing Yamuna Expressway inaugurated on 09th August 2012 by U.P Chief Minister Akhilesh Yadav. I visited Agra on thirteenth August together with my buddies to determine much over-blown Yamuna Expressway. But after going through this type of wonderful drive I possibly could say this really is most likely be among the best expressway in India. I possibly could haven't imagined which i would obtain the town of Taj Mahal in basically 2 hrs and half an hour by road. It had been awesome drive.

Since I had experienced the drive on old highway before from Delhi and Agra and required four to five several hours (one for reds) in every trip.The thought of building this type of wonderful expressway would be to minimizes travel time between two in the past significant city Delhi and Agra. You will find four toll cubicles in order to Agra and something needs to pay most likely over Rs.500 for ways. It had been free before 15th August and so i weren't required to pay any kind of toll charges when i went before 15th August.

Yamuna Expressway is really a six lanes road using the maximum speed permitted for cars is 100 km/several hours. Restaurants and public convenience(toilets) can be found around the each side of Expressway. I've also seen a few of the safety cars patrolling around the Expressway looking for any problem on the highway, will be a fantastic aspect added to the Yamuna Expressway for anyone. Distance continues to be reduced to 165 kms as in comparison towards the old stretch for 210 kms.

I visited Agra form southeast Delhi that is nearer to the gateway of Yamuna express way. For me it could take additional time to achieve to Agra from another areas of Delhi most likely three or four hrs but Yamuna Expressway is actually a straight forward drive without a doubt. I haven't seen any gas/diesel/CNG stations on Expressway by now, so before departing home make certain you vehicle tank has enough gas/diesel/CNG they are driving you out of trouble for sides.

Since Yamuna Expressway continues to be introduced, Agra is becoming an trip site from Delhi. Before it, people accustomed to travel by train to achieve Agra and return per day. Shatabdi train continues to be a popular to obtain Agra from Delhi and return but searching in the growing quantity of tourist each day with this particular sector Agra, you have to come with an option to visit Agra as quick as train does. Now individuals have choice to get Agra by road too by utilizing Expressway in pretty much same time train takes. I am certain! more features to become added onto the Yamuna expressway as time progresses to really make it more outfitted and safe.

I've received positive feedback from those who individuals have observed drive on Yamuna expressway to date. Agra is now a popular trip tourist site for anyone who resides in or visits Delhi.Visiting within 24 hours Agra tour by train, I'd only state that though we've trains available that is less expensive than traveling by road, but likely to Agra by Yamuna expressway is another worth going to.

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