Thursday, April 9, 2015

Victoria and football player David Beckham enhanced the popularity of this pair

Marriage Victoria and football player David Beckham in 1999 and the more enhanced the popularity of this pair. Moreover, when they decided to settle in Hollywood. This couple never missed adorn entertainment media headlines in the United States.

To any couple who has had three children have gone, never stop chasing paparazzi. Apparently, they enjoy life. Although always appear together does not mean they are away from home gossip.

News Beckham affair with some women make this couple reportedly threatened with divorce. However, they have always denied.

Victoria Beckham was never leave when her husband was exposed to gossip. He always accompanied the former captain of the England national team, and ready to defend her husband. Including when a prostitute named Irma Nici claimed to have sex with Beckham. Victoria just responding to cool the issue.

And, the couple will soon have a fourth child. Reportedly, a baby conceived by Victoria female. Of course, they are very enthusiastic because it has been a long wait the girl's presence.

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