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White Sand Beach Resort - White Sand Beach, Koh Chang, Trat, Thailand

Whitened Sand Beach Resort - Whitened Sand Beach, Koh Chang, Trat, ThailandCategory: Travel / Hotels & Resorts / Thailand / Trat / Koh Chang

Country: Thailand

Province: Trat

Location: Whitened Sand Beach, Koh Chang

Address: 1/1 Moo 3, Whitened Sand Beach (Had Sai Khao), Koh Chang, Trat, Thailand

Whitened Sand Beach Resort is situated on Whitened Sand Beach (Had Sai Khao). This resort may be the last measure in the toppermost finish from the famous Whitened Sand Beach. Appropriately named, and actually original, Whitened Sand Beach Resort was really the very first resort ever built around the Whitened Sand Beach and most likely the whole of Koh Chang.

Whitened Sand Beach is very alluring location. Fronted through the wide, whitened and fine sandy beach having a very obvious ocean, it's its back adjoining a hill of jungle and also to its northernmost finish is really a cape, each of which are designated area of the protected Marine National Park. Crossing within the cape contributing to 2 kilometers away is really a rock cave with a pebble beach entrance. The cape is a popular fishing place. Enthusiastic local fishermen return repeatedly to savor their catches.

From Whitened Sand Beach Resort you can observe sunset daily and also the wide beach welcomes a awesome and enjoyable breeze that's nice gentle particularly when the sun's rays is steaming hot. Yearly from October to December a stream goes through a wood bridge built on the portion of Whitened Sand Beach Resort. The stream belongs to the waterfall in the hill behind Whitened Sand Beach Resort.

The bungalows are built-in 3 rows directly on the wide sandy beach, very obvious waters, and natural surrounding. The majority of bungalows take presctiption seafront, the final row has got the least bungalows. All bungalows are made alternately to ensure that every bungalow behind includes a great amount of ocean view. The bungalows take a seat on stilts having a couple of steps of ladder to the balcony. Coconut trees forms area of the atmosphere. The bungalows have air-conditioned, refrigerator, television, bathroom with warm water.Whitened Sand Beach Resort includes a restaurant around the beach. Aside from the protected area, tables are occur outdoors-air around the beach. BBQ ovens are prepared for many succulent sea food grills or any other meaty special treats. The prepare can prepare delicious Thai food in addition to Worldwide cuisines. Bbq around the beach by evening underneath the starlight is really a norm.

Unquestionably, Whitened Sand Beach Resort where your bungalow can be found has already been a task alone. This is actually the best spot to experience around the beach, go swimming within the water watching sunset. Many visitors end up glued towards the beach for several days.

However, for individuals who would like to explore a little further, about the most activity is fishing in the cape which is simply a walking-distance away. The greater adventurous might take to boating, snorkelling or diving. Cyling, motorbiking, jogging, trekking will also be interesting options. Others may would rather visit local towns, spectacular waterfalls or head to the jungle looking for some wild-existence sights and sounds.

Because the last measure in the northernmost finish of Whitened Sand Beach it's a peaceful getaway for a lot of. Behind the primary reception is how the lengthy-serving staff as well as their families live. Here, existence is legitimately countryside. Fowls are elevated and you may discover their whereabouts roaming one of the lush eco-friendly surrounding, in the feet from the hill. Coconut trees abound as well as your bungalow belongs to their loved ones. If you're lucky you might find some apes climbing down in the forest searching for some food or simply monkeying around. This is a real retreat, from everything, where peace rules. A lot of "Koh Chang" or "Ko Chang" or "Elephant Island" - Thailand's second greatest island after Phuket island. Koh Chang can be found towards the east of Thailand within the province of Trat (around 315 kilometers from Bangkok) around the border of Cambodia. Koh Chang is all about 30 kilometers lengthy, almost 14 kilometers wide, and 217 square kilometers. Around 80 % of Koh Chang, together with an archipelago of 52 islands, belongs to the Koh Chang Marine National Park. Koh Chang may be the biggest island within the Marine Natural Park. The Marine National Park includes a total section of 650 square meters and 70% is marine. Obvious waters of numerous blue shades surround the area while a terrain of high mountain tops and steep coves provide magnificent scenic points.

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